Do You Need A Change of Space?

Get custom bathroom and kitchen remodeling services in Lexington, SC

Home decor styles change as often as your living needs do. Make sure your home stays up to date and functional. Carolina Home Maintenance in Lexington, SC specializes in custom bathroom and kitchen remodeling services. Our experienced remodeling contractor will work with you to transform your home to meet your needs and style.

We also work with local business owners in custom commercial remodeling. Call today for a consultation and get a free estimate.

What is your kitchen missing?

What is your kitchen missing?

When you're renovating your home, it's important to think about all of the little details. Carolina Home Maintenance offers custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling services that include installing:

Custom kitchen cabinets and countertops for more food prep and storage space.
Updated kitchen appliances that make cooking easier and safer.
Modern plumbing fixtures that are eco-friendly to cut back on your energy spending.
A custom walk-in shower that's easier to get into and makes your bathroom more stylish.
Up-to-date trim and paint that accentuates walls and adds a unique charm to your home.

Don't settle for a home that doesn't work for you. Call today to learn more about our bathroom and kitchen remodeling services.